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Global Citizenship Club for Middle Schoolers

Our lives are fantastic compared to some people in the world. Many of us don’t know how great we have it. Yet, some students at Tahanto have been able to recognize the struggles that many fellow human beings across the globe have been dealing with. For those who have, those people are most likely in Tahanto’s Global Citizenship Club, which looks globally and locally for those in need and helps improve upon their lives. If you haven’t joined this group, you should do so. It’s a great way to open your eyes beyond our own community.

Our school has two GCC groups, one for the high school, and one for the middle school. The middle school group is run by Mrs. Barry, the 6th grade social studies teacher.

Gretchen M. is the president of the middle school group. When asked what she thought about it, she only had praise to give to the club. “Middle School Global Citizenship Club is a fun way to work together to help those in need and make a difference in our big world, because even the little things count.”

If you want to make a difference, however big or small, in your community and planet, Global Citizenship Club is the perfect group for you.

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