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Secret Life of Teachers- December 2017

Which teacher has traveled to 41 states, and 5 continents?

That's the question that we asked you a month ago. Our hope was that you would take your best guess, but be surprised by the answer.

If you haven't taken a guess yet, take some time to think. What teacher at Tahanto would be a world traveler?

Stumped? We'll give you a hand. Not only has this teacher been across the world, but they also have season tickets to the Patriots.

Still don't know? Here's the big hint. This teacher has gone to see the band Phish in concert more than 50 times!

Do you have a teacher in mind now?

Good. Let's do the grand reveal. (Drumroll please!)

The teacher is...

Mr. Minihan!

A few of the facts that we learned from the interview are top-secret, and we can't tell you. "Some stories are good for telling the 7th graders later in the year," he told us, "I don't want to spoil them." That was fine by us. We would hate to wreck those great memories we have of 7th grade geography!

So did you guess correctly? Or were you totally wrong? Either way, be sure to test your skills on this month's Secret Life of a Teacher! Good luck!

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