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What is Exhibition?

Each year senior students embark on a journey of literary investigation. This adventure is called exhibition but what is it exactly? Exhibition is more than just a big final presentation it is an exploration of the world in which we live through literature.

Exhibition was originally done by the junior class until recently. Now all high school seniors set aside time in their English classes to explore an essential question and use literature to answer. Beginning around 3 months before the final presentation groups are chosen. Within each group brainstorming is done to find an overarching topic which the group will explore. Groups then chose multiple books linked to this topic for each member to read and decipher. Students use many other forms of outside literature, film, or personal experience to answer complex and compelling questions. This year we saw a variety of questions from the AP Literature and Composition class. Spanning from the mental effects of knowing one's death and monsters, to weddings throughout history and women's roles in literature. Overall this years AP exhibitions were a tremendous success. AP Literature teacher Mr.Doherty stated that the AP exhibitions were some of the best exhibitions he had seen. The school waits in anticipation for the next sets of exhibitions coming from honors and college prep classes.

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