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Community Happenings: Boylsteens

The Boylsteens are the Boylston Public Library’s helpers and local volunteers. Meeting on the first Wednesday of the month we gather in the basement of the library to discuss. We help with fundraisers, charities, and general events in the library. For example we recently stuffed eggs for the annual Easter egg hunt in the center of Boylston. We have also hosted numerous movie nights and are planning on beginning a book club. Some meetings are serious where we discuss fundraisers, while at others we have eating contests, watch movies, or plan for fun team events! The Boylsteens are looking for new members especially those in the high school. It is never too late to join. If you have any questions, email any of the following!

Erica (our advisor) at

Or any members

Fenna Milbauer at

Maggie Lyerly at

Rory Seymour at

Tori Peters at

Tom LeBlanc at

We all hope to see new faces in the library on May 2nd!

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