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Hope Club

Have you always wanted to help the community but don't know where to start? Well, Tahanto’s Hope Club not only helps the community but raises enough money to help our school, too. The Hope Club helped people from the recent fall hurricanes get settled again. Another fundraiser helped people in need of food. Hope club has been working hard during 6th and 7th grade lunches deciding on ways to make our community a better place. It is never too late to join! This club is run by the lovely Mrs. Gardner, who has made this possible. What better way to help the world than with a helpful person to mentor. Recently, theywe did a fun activity where we had people at lunches guess how many items were in a jar. There were candies and bracelets for students to win. Also, we did a ‘unique chain.’ We asked what made people unique and had them fill out a slip of paper. We learned about the people of the school this way as well as what what they love. Hope Club does all this on day 6 on school days. If you want to make a better community, join Hope Club! The world's problems are our priority.

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