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Middle School Winter Band Concert

On december 6, 2018, The middle school band put on an amazing musical show featuring 6th grade concert band, 6th grade jazz band, 7/8th grade concert band, and 7/8th grade jazz band. The band got into the christmas spirit with some holiday favorites like “The little drummer boy”, played by the sixth grade concert band and a mix of songs from the famous play “The Nutcracker” played by the 7/8th grade concert band. The 6th grade jazz band mixed it up by playing “Louie Louie” and the 7/8th grade jazz band ended the concert with “Despacito”, chosen by some of the members of the band. It really got the crowd going. These are just a few of the many songs that were played at the concert. If you are interested in hearing more songs from the students, all are welcome at the spring concert in May! Hope we will see you there!

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