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The Kindness Rocks Project

Have you ever realised that even the smallest gestures of kindness can change someone’s entire life? Well back in 2015, A Massachusetts mom and founder of The Kindness Rocks Project did just that.

In a video titled “Origins of the Kindness Rocks Project ” on her website Megan Murphy explained where this all began. When you’re in your early twenties, some may argue that’s where you need guidance the most. For Megan, her guidance came from conversations with her parents who had both passed away during that stage in her life.

She created a system for herself. As she walked the Cape Cod beaches, She’d find a piece of seaglass and connect it with her mom, and heart shaped rocks for her dad. “When I would find one, I would feel really like I was being supported and that that was the right decision or direction to go in.” she explained. “I’d leave the beach that day and I’d think, I’ve got this. I can handle this.”

Though these moments were special to her, and helped her feel strengthened eventually she realised something important. In her video she said “through this process I realised that actually the answers laid within me.” “It wasn’t coming from something outside, there were no messages from somebody else it was something that I already knew.”

One day , while walking on the beach she picked up 5 rocks, wrote kind messages on them and dropped them back down. Little did she know one of her friends would pick it up that day. Initially she denied that she was the one who had left the rock there. Her friend simply replied with, “If you did drop this rock, it made my day.” Thus starting the Kindness Rocks Project.

Since then the project has touched so many hearts and changes many people’s lives all over the world. People have painted thousands of rocks with messages of kindness and they leave them all over to make someone’s day better and it all started with one woman.

Hopefully this inspires you to share a moment of kindness, or look into the Kindness Rocks Project.

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