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Jack the Donkey

Jack is a twenty three year old donkey who was going to be sent to kill buyers (kill buyers are people who go to auction and buy animals just to get meat.) , he was previously from an auction house and they didn’t want him anymore so they were going to send him to auction or the slaughterhouse Sarah Gostanian’s grandfather Doug saw Jack and though I want a donkey so he brought Jack home when he was 3 year's old. Jack came off the trailer skinny , which he is now not. He didn't know what a good home felt like, but he soon would!

He didn't like being touched especially his ears , But over time Jack learned to trust. He started getting comfortable being around people and being petted by them. A couple months after Jack was brought home Sarah's family got a pony named Cider who is 30 year's old (he was brought home when he was 10 year's old.) Both Jack and Cider grew up together from the time both of them were brought home. They now have an inseparable bond with each other. Jack follows Cider everywhere they eat and drink near each other. When Cider gets his feet done and vice versa they call to each other . I'm not sure what they're saying in donkey and pony language but maybe it's ‘’Hey bro!, How's life?“‘

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