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The Secret Lives of Teachers

Before we do the big reveal, let’s give a quick recap of the clues. This teacher graduated from Algonquin High School in 1978. They also graduated from Bridgewater State University in 1982, they played four years of varsity baseball there. This teacher LOVES to read. They go to the library at least twice a month, and read every night before bed. Let’s do the countdown, ...3...2...1… MR. GREENWALD. Mr. Greenwald has been working at the school for 31 years, 31.5 when he retires. He has also been a teacher for 34 years. “Rob, where’s my Regatta Deli?” “Keep the change Harry!” Since 1988(or at least that’s what I could find from the yearbooks) Mr. Greenwald has been a fantastic gym teacher at this school. This year Mr. Greenwald will be concluding his work at Tahanto for retirement. Without Mr. Greenwald we won’t have any of his funny catch phrases like “get outta here!” or “are you kidding me?” I know this is wicked cliche at this point but we are all gonna miss it when he says “Your going to zumba!” Mr. Greenwald coached varsity golf, middle school basketball, J.V basketball and varsity baseball, yes that’s a lot of sports to coach(again that’s what I got from the yearbooks). Between gym classes and coaching I think it’s safe to say he needs a long overdue brake. I asked Mrs. B for any thing she had on Mr. Greenwald and she said that he always forgets his passwords to EVERYTHING, and loves New England sports, but really who doesn’t. A good friend of mine, Jackie Shea, says that Mr. Greenwald’s love of books made him her favorite teacher, and when she walked passed his office they would discuss books. He also NEVER yelled at her for just sitting and reading during gym class. I guess you could say they were in a little book club. A personal story is that once after my big Spanish final I had to go out to the track with my gym class. I was completely wiped and just overall tired so I sat down on a bench next to my friend who was reading(I’m assuming you can guess who that was). Mr. Greenwald comes around and says to me, “Bella get up and keep walking. Keep reading Jackie.” That is definitely my fondest memory of Mr. Greenwald. We are all gonna miss the hiking and walking projects, the basketball projects, and the baseball projects (not really). From the Tahanto Times, and myself personally, we would like to thank Mr. Greenwald for everything he has done for this school, and we wish him luck with his retirement. We will all miss you in the morning next to the gym door. The school won’t be that same without you.

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