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May Horoscopes 2018

Taurus, May 2018

May opens with your planetary ruler Venus in breezy air sign Gemini, bringing you good vibes around money and a boost to your self-esteem — you’ll be feeling good about who you are and what you can offer the world.

On May 7, Venus will clash with Neptune, which will be stressful: Neptune is the planet of fog and confusion, and when it squares off with Venus, there’s typically an insecure energy in the air. We won’t be sure what we want or what things are worth — expect an indecisive or even sluggish mood. Stay firm, Taurus! Know your worth and don’t let anyone haggle with you. Take it slow and don’t give in to paranoid ideas. Perhaps make some time to study up on glamour magic or create some art — at its best, Neptune is spiritual and imaginative, so put today’s hazy Venusian energy to good use by meditating, casting a spell, or doing something to manifest your visions.

Gemini, May 2018

Dear Gemini, you are nothing if not flexible, adaptive, and agile. You can do anything, bullshit anyone, pull all the strings, and connect with all the VIPs. But that doesn’t mean you’re immune to the stress of interpersonal conflict, or that motivating yourself to deal with confrontations isn’t difficult for you. You’re only human… there might be two of you, but you’re still only human. As a culture, we value individuation and self-reliance. But there’s a reason why we are social people — you’ve never doubted this, Gemini; as an air sign, community is very important to you. A Gemini without their pack, posse, or crew is lost indeed.

Cancer, May 2018

This will be a social month for you, little crab! The Sun is currently in Taurus, illuminating the friendship sector of your chart, and Mercury enters Taurus as well on May 13, encouraging you to step out of your crustacean shell and connect with your social circle. Join a book club, a ghost-hunting group, a support circle — doesn’t matter! Just get out there and meet people, share ideas, and get inspired. (If you’ve been eager to learn more about astrology, now is a great time to see if there is an astrology group that meets near you.)

Leo, May 2018

Welcome to Taurus season, Leo! The Sun is shining down on the sector of your chart that rules your career, reputation, and popularity, so you’re currently busy accepting awards, schmoozing with higher-ups, and connecting with the public. You’ll be feeling particularly photogenic on May 8, when the Sun makes an easy connection to dreamy Neptune — but watch out for overindulgences on the same day. The Sun opposes Jupiter, the planet of expansion and exaggeration. The Sun connects with the planet of transformation, Pluto, on May 11, allowing you to tap into a huge well of power and endurance.

Virgo, May 2018

Since you’re ruled by communication planet Mercury — which, thank goddess, is not retrograde this month — having the facts is very important to you, little virgin! There are two intense days around communication that you should circle on your calendar early this month: May 7, when Mercury clashes with Pluto, and May 12, when it clashes with Mars.

Pluto, the lord of the underworld, is all about what’s beneath the surface: secrets, hidden resources, occult knowledge. The information that comes your way on May 7 will be juicy as hell. Just be mindful about obsessive or jealousy behavior, and also of people who speak manipulatively. This is an important time to get a second opinion. If someone gives you advice about something, and they happen to also sell the solution to your problems — like a tarot reader who just so happens to have the crystal that can cure your heartache — think twice about buying in.

Libra, May 2018

Taurus season is always intense for you, Libra: The Sun illuminates a very complicated and sensitive sector of your chart during this time, finding you confronting complex emotions and complicated interpersonal issues and facing important changes and endings. You’re the sign of partnership, and it’s important to remember you don’t have to do it — whatever it may be — alone. As tough as Taurus season may be, it will help you connect with others on a deeper level and access their resources.

Scorpio, May 2018

The Taurus season is full of sensual pleasure for you and plenty of opportunities to connect with others — the Sun illuminates the partnership sector of your chart during this time. Communication planet Mercury will enter Taurus on May 13, helping you connect with intellectual people and bringing some new information your way. If you’ve been waiting to have “a talk” with someone, Mercury in Taurus is your time!

Sagittarius, May 2018

ay opens with the Sun in grounded earth sign Taurus, illuminating the sector of your chart that rules your daily routines, your day job, your wellness rituals, and your habits. As a fiery, adventurous Sagittarius, you’re more likely to keep travel-sized shampoo in your bag for the spontaneous journeys you want to go on than to stock up on herbal remedies, but a change is in the air… you’re feeling seduced by fertile Taurus season’s creative energy, you’re craving a connection with the Earth, and you’re itching to get reorganized and reconnected with the rhythms of daily life instead of living out of your suitcase.Communication planet Mercury enters Taurus on May 13, helping you sort out your schedule and hammer out details that need your attention. There’s a new moon in Taurus on May 15, which is major, too, helping you create a fresh start. This is a wonderful time to kick a bad habit. On a more mundane level, if you’re looking for a new gig or are hoping for the energy at your day job to shift, this new moon is on your side. Cast a spell or two for productivity. Your ability to stay agile will pay off during this time.May 15 is one of the most notable days of the month — not just because of the new moon, but also because Uranus, the planet of freedom and innovation, will change signs on this day, leaving fire sign Aries behind and entering Taurus, where it will remain until 2026. Electric Uranus’s time in Taurus will find you faced with some scheduling hiccups until you settle into your new routine — and happily, it’ll be one I think will suit you perfectly. It will be so much more flexible! Movement will arrive where monotony once was. Uranus is all about personal freedom and autonomy, so expect to have more of that in your life, especially concerning your day job. When it comes to health matters, Uranus in Taurus will find you engaging with cutting edge, exciting technologies and treatments.But once your routine begins changing, it will be necessary for you to have some conversations with the people you usually work with; you’ll also likely need to handle some paperwork. Action planet Mars enters Aquarius on May 16, energizing the communication sector of your chart and helping you do just that. Also on May 16, warrior planet Mars will square off with Uranus, helping you take on any problems that need confronting without wasting any time. Just be careful: Some unexpected arguments may pop up! The energy may also leave everyone a bit accident prone, so maybe wait to do heavy lifting for a few days.

Capricorn, May 2018

Welcome to Taurus season! You’re famous for your work ethic, Capricorn, but you also have an inner aesthete, sensualist, lusty goat side. This is the side that can’t help but make an appearance while the Sun is shining in luxurious Taurus!

The first part of May will be fertile with opportunity, creativity, and romance. Chatty Mercury will enter Taurus on May 13, finding you feeling especially flirtatious and eager to celebrate. May 15 is another day to circle on your calendar: Not only is there a new moon in Taurus on this day, but Uranus — the planet of freedom and innovation — will enter Taurus, too!

Aquarius, May 2018

It’s Taurus season, Aquarius, which means that the Sun is shining down on a very private sector of your chart. Issues concerning your home and family, as well as your childhood and past, are coming up for you to work with. Themes around security, privacy, and boundaries are also on your mind. You don’t like to dwell on the past, but you’ll be in a nostalgic and emotional mood during the first few weeks of the month.

Pisces, May 2018

Welcome to Taurus season, Pisces! The Sun’s journey through grounded earth sign Taurus lights up the sector of your chart that rules your mind, and this month is sure to be illuminating. You’ll be eager to learn and connect with friends, and your mental acuity will be boosted — you’re a daydreamer, Pisces, but your communication and problem-solving skills will be sharp as Taurus’ stabilizing and focused energy is in the air. On a mundane level, Taurus season will find you exploring and connecting with your local neighborhood, visiting your old haunts, and scoping out newly opened venues. Call one of your siblings and say hi — Taurus season wants you in touch!

Aries, May 2018

Welcome to Taurus season, Aries! The Sun is currently shining in luxurious earth sign Taurus, illuminating the sector of your chart that rules your finances and your sense of self-worth. Astrologers love to comment on how you’re a fantastic ideas person, but you never finish your projects. It’s true — you can get quickly bored by ideas if they don’t lead down paths that you find valuable to pursue. You won’t waste time doing something meaningless just because you said you would do it. With that said, the projects that you are excited about pursuing — and completing — will get a nice boost from Taurus’s dependable, determined energy early this month.

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