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Middle School Refresh Day

After what was a very successful Refresh Day for high schoolers at Tahanto, middle schoolers also got to enjoy this relaxing, fun day too! Refresh Day is a half day where students get to enjoy fun and relaxing activities to de-stress before upcoming tests. Students could choose to play fun games in the cafeteria, play floor hockey, or just chill while watching videos of Bob Ross create his incredible paintings. With about 20 activities to choose from, Refresh Day was a blast! Some students might have preferred to spend their day relaxing, participating in activities like yoga, reading to music, mindful coloring, or puzzle making. Others might have preferred to play fun games like gaga ball, board games, or floor hockey. If students were more interested in spending their day being creative, then they might have chosen scrapbooking, friendship bracelet making, homemade play dough, or learned to sew and embroider in the Embroidery Basics class. Other classes included Rope Making, Cake Decorating and Relaxation Jar Making. These are just some of the many classes offered on Refresh Day. At the end of the day, each student received a “Stress Less Kit” to help calm anxiety and decrease stress. Inside, you would find a stress ball - squeeze to relieve stress, bubbles - to make you smile, gum - chewing relieves tension, a mint - minty scent soothes anxiety, and a turtle worry stone - rub between thumb and forefinger to de-stress.

Of course, this special day could not have been possible without the help of the amazing staff and students at Tahanto. The 8th Grade SWAT team, run by Ms. Gardner, was a huge help in preparing for this amazing day. The SWAT team is a middle school club that is dedicated to spreading awareness for mental health issues, so the team was glad to help with Refresh Day. Ms. Gardner and the SWAT team prepared the supplies and also put together and passed out the “Stress Less Kits” for all the participants in Refresh Day. A special thanks to the Guidance Department who planned out the scheduling of the day, and to the Administration and office staff for their work in providing room assignments. And finally, we would like to thank all the teachers and parents who volunteered their time to make this such a fun day for all the students.

Here are some pictures from the various classes on refresh day:

therapy dog

relaxation jars

Drum circle

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