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Middle School Semi-Formal

Updated: Mar 16, 2019


The middle school’s semi-formal dance was held on Friday, March 8th. This dance was Hollywood-themed, in which you had to do your best to dress up in your fanciest clothes: dresses, skirts, and suits. The dance featured a caricature artist and a photo booth.

Photo Booth

The photo booth did have some technical difficulties throughout the dance, and some groups may have left without their photo strip. There was a wide variety of props including: a leprechaun hat, sparkly hats, sunglasses, and speech bubbles. The fee was $2, and it was a big hit! Many large groups came to check it out. These photos will always be a special memento of the dance to those who possess them.

Music And Food

The DJ running the music station played some pretty catchy songs that were easy to dance along with and have fun with. One song that inspired a lot of enthusiasm was Cotton Eyed Joe, which is a popular tune that you can dance along to. The food that was sold at the dance was all $1, and it featured an array of candy, soda, chips, and other sweet treats.


In this case, there was a professional in charge of fulfilling the duty of drawing people’s caricatures. Caricatures are pictures that have a comic-y look to them, in which your head is bigger than your body and your features are exaggerated. At the semi-formal, you could do a double picture for $4 or a single picture for $2. This attraction, like the photo booth, was a big hit, and some people just stood around watching the pictures being made, it was almost mesmerizing. The wait for your picture was approximately 5-7 minutes.

The middle school semi-formal dance was just another awkwardly fun night to all of those who attended!

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