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Tahanto Drama Club Presents: Dress Rehearsal

On November 21 and 22, the Tahanto drama club put on an amazing performance of the play, Dress Rehearsal. This play was an original play written by two sophomores, Gretchen Munter and Leah Withers. The play is what people would call “A play within a play.” The play is about the students of Clearview High doing their dress rehearsal for Romeo and Juliet. Despite their efforts, nothing seems to be going their way. From injuries to forgetting their lines, The Clearview High drama club sure has their work cut out for them. Even with all the obstacles they had to face, they pulled it together in the end. This play was funny, and even had some interactive parts with the audience. If you missed out on this play, or would like to see more drama club performances, then get ready for the Tahanto drama club’s next performance, Another Greek Tragedy which will be performed in early 2020.

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