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Tahanto's Haunted Hallway and Stags Lounge

What once was a normal math hallway became a doorway into a spooky hallway of screams! On Thursday, October 24, the high school student council set up a spooky haunted hallway, and they definitely pulled out all the stops. With spooky music, eerie halloween decorations and even strobe lights, the hallway was definitely haunted. Members of the high school student council dressed up as creepy dolls or frightening clowns, and most people who were apart of the haunted hallway had phenomenal makeup jobs that looked extremely realistic! Between the eerie music, the jump scares and creepy clowns, this hallway was definitely blood chilling. Would you dare go in?

The haunted hallway wasn’t the only event going on that night. There was also the stags lounge. At the stags lounge, visitors could watch students perform on the stage while enjoying tasty treats or a hot beverage. Students performed as solo acts, or played their music as a band. Some members of the drama club even did a reading of Edgar Allen Poe’s famous poem, The Raven. Between the haunted hallway and the stags lounge, it was a night for people of all ages to enjoy!

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