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Tahanto Scholastic Book Fair

This year, our mascot, Staggy, is dashing over to the Scholastic Book Fair. Last week, the students of Tahanto got to enjoy Staggy’s annual book fair! The book fair featured books ranging from middle school to young adult, so people from any grade could enjoy the books that Staggy’s fair had to offer. With every book purchased, you also receive a raffle ticket to give you a chance to win a free poster! There were also many other things available like pens, posters, highlighters, notebooks, and even a game where you could win prizes: The pencil draw. All you had to do was pull out a pencil from a styrofoam cone. If the pencil you chose has a sticker on the bottom, you won and got to choose one of the many prizes! This game was definitely a crowd pleaser, and even if you didn’t win a prize, you still got to walk away with a brand new pencil. The scholastic book fair was a huge success and showed many people how great reading a new book can be!

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