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Thanksgiving Mini-Poems

Thanksgiving mini-poems

December 29, 2018


Turkeys going gobble

Watch their waddles wobble

Gobble, gobble, gobble


My table is full of food

And I don’t think it’s all that rude

To eat the cranberries and the pies

All by myself

With a side of fries

The Story of Thanksgiving…

Pat the pilgrim

Sailed the seas

And came to the land

Of the colonies

And there he met

A Native brave

And together, heaps of thanks they gave

Thanksgiving short story

Thump! Thump! Stan the farmer man’s cane slapped on the hard, mud-covered ground. He had set off on this bright, sunny Sunday morning to find some delicious turkey for his Thanksgiving feast, but so far, all he had heard were awkward-sounding cow moos. “Didn’t know I had that many cows, no I didn’t,” he grumbled. “Sure wish that I still had my eyes, yes I do.” he mumbled. Stan had lost his keen eyesight thanks to the mailman, BillyBob, who had whacked him straight in the eyeballs with a sharp-ended parcel.

   “Here he comes!” whispered Mac Turkston. Then, just to make sure that the grumpy farmer didn’t recognize him as one of the feather-covered turkeys that he was hunting, Mac let out another slightly off mooooo! “Shhhh!” Kris Turccuriton warned. Farmer Stan’s head spun towards the whispers of the sneaky turkeys-pretending-to-be-cows, for he had very sharp hearing. He grunted. “Trespassers!” he yelled to the sky. “Robbers! Stealing my turkey dinner!” He banged his cane to the ground, marched to the left, and smacked straight into a fat pine tree. That, I’m afraid, is the very end of Stanley J. Turkeater’s life.

10 Interesting Things About Massachusetts

America’s first lighthouse was built in Boston Harbor in 1716.

Boston was home of the first US chocolate factory

Massachusetts is named after an extinct Native American tribe found in East Massachusetts. The name means “large hill place.”

Massachusetts in the 9th-safest state in the US.

The population of Massachusetts is 6.86 million.

Almost every town has a spooky/ghost story that has been around a long time (Boylston and Berlin included.)

If you want rainbow candy on your ice cream, call them sprinkles. If you want the chocolate ones, call them jimmies.

Massachusetts has some of the best sledding hills around.

Boston had the first-ever public beach and public park  in the US.

552 original documents from the Salem Witch Trials have been preserved and are in the Peabody Essex Museum.

Boylston Ghost Story/legend

If you are wondering, Boylston’s spooky story has to do with little Lucy Keyes.

Legends say that Mrs. Keyes sent her oldest daughters, Patty and Anna, to collect sand from a bank a mile away. Four-year-old Lucy tried to follow her sisters, and started on the right trail, but never caught up to them and was never seen again. This story takes place on Wachusett Hill. The Keyes family sent out many search parties, and didn’t miss a single inch of the forest, yet they never found their daughter. At first, they blamed their neighbor, Tilly Littlejohn, because she had once quarrelled with Mr. Keyes. Another group of people thought that a nearby tribe had found and caught her. Reports say that they once came across a white woman in the tribe who spoke little to no English, but recalled once living near “Chusett Hill.” To this day, locals still claim to hear Mrs. Keyes cries for her daughter in the woods, and unexplained child-sized footprints in the snow. Will this ghost story ever be solved?..

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