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UGH! Not Daylight Saving Time Again!

What is daylight saving time (DST) you ask? Well, always on the second Sunday in March, we spring forward one hour, therefore losing one precious hour of sleep. However, while it makes the mornings darker and makes it MUCH harder to get up, it also lengthens the light in the evening! When it comes to the other daylight saving adjustment, always on the first Sunday in November, we go back an hour, therefore re-gaining that precious hour of sleep. Both of these transitions can be hard for people, as it can take up to a week to get used to the very sudden change. In spring, you will wake up much drowsier because, if it was 6:00 AM when you regularly wake up, it would then be 5:00 AM. In fall, though it does seem like it since you are getting “more sleep” it is also much harder to cope with the change because you think you have so much time, but in reality, you really don’t. DST completely shifts our body clocks around, and there are many arguments regarding if we should or should not continue with it. But first… some facts!

1. The idea of DST was first thought of by Benjamin Franklin because we needed to make “better use of daylight.”

2. You switch your clocks at 2:00 AM, not at midnight as some might think.

3. America is one of the few countries who continue doing it, but some states do not practice it, such as Arizona and Hawaii.

4. You are less likely to get robbed in DST.

Arguments still arise about daylight savings time, such as a con is: it does not save energy, and a pro is that you are less likely to get robbed, and you are therefore safer. The arguments will most likely never end about this matter, and one thing is for sure: we’re all going to be more tired in the mornings for a while!

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