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Help Keep our School Beautiful

For students who stay after school waiting for parents, helping teachers, or whatever keeps you at Tahanto when the bell rings, you may be interested in helping out in the school gardens while you are waiting!

You may be thinking: School gardens? Isn’t the landscaping kept up by our custodial staff? Well, some of it is; but, the front and sides of the school garden beds, as well as the greenhouse gardens, are maintained by Mrs. Dufresne. The initial garden plantings have been done by Mrs. Dufresne’s horticultural classes. The hard work, though, like weeding and watering, is done entirely by Mrs. Dufresne- she works in the garden in the summer, spring, and fall.

She shouldn’t be the only one making our school greener and beautiful! We should thank her for the school gardens by giving her a helping hand! Thank you, Mrs. Dufresne! Please consider pitching in and help make the Tahanto gardens the best they can be. Contact Mrs. Dufresne for ideas about how you can help!

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