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Project Stag is a huge success

After School, on a crisp fall day, students gathered in Boylston town center with one goal, to pick up litter. Over the past few months Project Stag, led by Senior John A. has brought to light the serious issue of litter here in Boylston and in the wider community. When asked why he started the project, John answered, “I started it because I noticed lots of trash on the road, which I thought was odd since Boylston is such a small town”. The project is funded by a nonprofit organization called Massachusetts Youth Leadership foundation which assisted John in setting up the project.

The number of students who have participated in the project has increased tremendously since the first cleanup. The most recent cleanup was a success. “The litter cleanup is a great experience. It shows the community what dedicating an hour can do to improve the environment in which we live” says sophomore Sarah L. The group collected around 16 bags of trash. Sophomore Nikolai R. said “I had a great time because I was with friends doing something good for the earth”. More students are encouraged to join in to help clean up their local communities.

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