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The Third Model UN of the Year

If you win best delegate at a conference, you are awarded with a gavel.

[UPDATE 12/8/17- Due to snowy weather and potentially dangerous driving conditions, this conference has been cancelled.]

From the status of women to restructuring the SAT, there are many conferences to choose from at this year's third (second for the middle schoolers) model United Nations conference. On December 8th, students from Tahanto and numerous other schools across the state will travel to St. John's Prep School to discuss global issues and debate real-world problems.

Model UN conferences are events that are held by schools who want to encourage thinking globally and arguing for diplomatic resolutions. They consist of many diverse committees, each one focused on a specific problem. These topics can be a demanding global issue, like climate change, or a more fictional topic, like the Game of Thrones committee that took place at Catholic Memorial's conference.

At this weekend's conference, you will find the following committees:

-Pandemic Prevention

-Opioid Crisis

-Automation in the Workforce (For experienced students)

-Industrialization (Historical)

-Prison Reform

-Modern Silk Road Forum

-Status of Women

-Freedom of the Press for Africa

-Joint Crisis Committee

-North Korea Crisis

-Space Regulation

-Monetary and Financial Conference at Bretton Woods (Historical, for experienced students)

-Climate Change (For experienced students)

-Restructuring the SAT (For experienced students)

-Arctic Circle (Middle school only)

Does one of these topics sound intriguing? Come join us! Not only is Model UN fun and exciting, but it also looks great on a college application. For high schoolers, be sure to talk to Mr. Pacheco, and middle schoolers can talk to Mrs. Barry.

We all hope to see you there!

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