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Middle School Model UN

For the middle schoolers at Tahanto, it can be difficult to find an exciting club that is open for you. In many cases, clubs are for high schoolers only, and we’re left to wait until we’re in 9th grade before we can join. However, not all clubs are like this. Middle school model United Nations is a great way to experience high school activities with fellow middle schoolers!

For those who do not know, model UN is an event that happens about every other month. Different schools around the state will host conferences, where globally-minded students can partake in engaging debates and discuss real-world problems facing society today.

Although the high school group had more conferences than the middle school, many conferences are held that include a comitee for the younger groups. It’s a great way to prepare yourself for the high school group!

If you enjoy researching and debating global issues, then model UN is the club for you! Talk to Mrs. Barry to join us at the next conference!

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