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What is Amnesty International?

Do you have an interest of international activism or are you passionate to protect human rights? If so Amnesty International is the perfect club for you. In 2016, senior John A. created the Tahanto chapter of Amnesty International. With the goal of educating students about the work of the non-profit organization Amnesty International and to bring to light human rights violations around the world. Amnesty International is an organization which was created in 1961 to protect the human rights of activists throughout the world. Here at Tahanto the club supports the larger organization by writing letters regarding specific cases of violations. Each letter is sent to a specific government around the world which has violated the human rights of its citizens.

This year Amnesty is committed to a continuous expansion of the club, hoping to attract more members from 9th and 10th grade. Every wednesday in the cafe a group of Amnesty members meet to discuss campaigns and cases around the world. Some projects the club is working on at the moment include human rights week and a focus on continued write for rights campaign! If this sounds like a club that interests you, get more information by following the Amnesty instagram or speak to any members.

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