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What is Peer Assistance?

As students we are faced with the daily challenge of managing school work and social life. For some this can all become just a little too much. Peer assistance is a new group specifically geared to help those in need of support. This is a group of students who are here to help, both academically and emotionally. The group will be focusing on individual attention. If you are struggling with school work or just need to get organized, you will be matched with a student who can help! Tutoring and academic support will be available in all subject. Social guidance and emotional support will also be provided. Meeting times for help are flexible and commonly happen both during and after school. Please contact Ms.Gleason or the guidance office for more information!

If you would like to become involved as a peer assistant please contact Ms.Gleason. Roles you might take on include being a/an:

  • Peer Tutor/Academic Assistance

  • Buddy/Role Model

  • Orientation Guide

  • Peer Counselor

Note that all students who are interested in participating must have a serious attitude. Although you might be providing students with emotional support and guidance, you will not be replacing a professional. Creating an open and welcoming environment will promote better relationships. Advice should be given as suggestions not as demands.

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