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Cafe for a Cause- April 13th

The Middle School Global Citizenship Club will be holding a cafe on Friday, April 13. Let the first four periods of your day be filled with good food, which is purchased for not only one good cause, but three! I bet you’ve never heard of a cafe like that. In the Triple Treats Cafe, all snacks will cost a dollar. And here is the best part: For your dollar you will get not one, not two, but three mini treats. But we can’t forget the main focus of this cafe, the organizations. The organizations we will be supporting are the Boylston Food Pantry, Amor Para Puerto Rico, Southeast Asian Coalition. Furthermore, if you spend at least $3, you can enter a raffle for a $10 gift card. There will be two raffle winners.

Th Boylston Food Pantry is located in Boylston, in the lower floor of Town Hall. There are 15 local families currently using the pantry and the money that we raise would be used to purchase items that families need.

The main focus of Amor Puerto Rico is to help provide sustainable help to people in Puerto Rico. Here in the US we are helping 80 families, who are staying in hotels. They have also helped to create gardens, teach people how to harvest, and teach them about agriculture for a living. The money that we raise may go to helping the families here for items such as dishes, cups, pots, bedding, pillows, towels, etc. and maybe even mattresses.

The Southeast Asian Coalition supports services for Southeast Asian immigrants to help them mainstream and welcome into American society. Funds that we raise may go to helping them purchase the following: office supplies, transportation for the youth, uniforms for their traditional dances they perform, pay for Uber to get home at night.

Thank you all for the support! Enjoy!

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