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Super Cat!

This is Soxey. Her life started out not quite good. She lived with this person that would always tease her and treat her unfairly. When she was about a year her owner still gave her kitten food. That affected her diet which resulted in making her fatter. Later that year the owner didn't want the cat anymore so they gave it to my family. I then took the cat into my room and cared for it every day. I had to put a cage on my door because of her past she wasn't friendly with other cats. We put her on a regular diet and gradually became a healthy cat. She was loving, playful cat. Cat treats and catnip are one of her favorite things. She also loved chasing a red light all around the room. Every night she'd go asleep in my bead. About a couple of months ago she passed away at an old age. To me, she was the best cat in the world

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