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As half of the winter is already done, I can finally say that this is one of the most disappointing snow years for skiers in recent memories. I started my ski season off at Sunday River in Maine in November, and ever since, there has been rainstorm after rainstorm. At Wachusett, the snowmakers and groomers have had to face 50 degree rain every other week and 0 degree ice in between. After December’s break, Tahanto’s ski club was greeted with average conditions, however, by no means has this been a stellar year. For a senior, this winter is a huge disappointment considering no cancellations have come, and the time slot for winter weather is getting shorter. With the month of February coming, students and skiers alike are hopeful for snow, and the weather can not be more wild than it has been to offer this desire. In the meantime, students should do their snow dances and pray for the snow to come before spring.

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