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Thank You Mrs. Vogt!

OH how we love Ms,Vogt

We all know her friendly face and her selfless dedication to our school, Its students, and staff. For many years now she has dedicated her time and effort into making this school more than just a place of learning and leaving . I’ve never heard of a single student that didn’t like this amazing woman ,and I truly believe that school wouldn’t be as safe as environment without her.

Whenever she subs a room, I always am overcome a “ yes, you're subbing ” or the slight thought that peoples period just got a whole lot better. I think Ms.Vogt as always kept a smiling face and positive attitude, even when faced with the hardest of times and work.

She has always motivated us to be the very best we can be ,and to work the very hardest we can, while still knowing what matters in life ,and how to support the things we believed in. She has gone out of her way many times to support student ideas in starting clubs. I can proudly claim coming from my own experience, that she has always wanted us to speak are minds and let our creativity flow.

Along with many of Ms.Vogt great traits she has run many clubs. One in particular is P.A.W.S which is about animals and how we can help and spread awareness towards animal cruelty, animal testing and much more. A fellow student was very passionate towards animal rights and without Ms.Vogt , This fellow student would probably not have an amazing runner of the club or even a club known as P.A.W.S today.

The reason I decided to write this article is not only because I wanted to be more involved in the newspaper. It’s because Ms,Vogt has made an impact on this school for the better and she deserves credit for all the hard work she does. When people heard Ms,Vogt was being let go not only were they filled with sadness ,but people wondered what this school would become without her and phrases most used at this time is “How could they let her go she holds this school together” Along with “ She does a lot here what will they do without her” now sure she may not be the principle but Ms.Vogt surely makes an impact on society here in Tahanto, and we are all happy to see her still in the halls

So hats off to all the hard work you have done Ms,Vogt ,know there are kids,teens and staff that appreciate you, and to prove it I emailed people from both Tahanto Times and P,A,W,S to write something about Ms,Vogt that way we would have some evidence for my claim.

People form ether P,A,W.S and/or Tahanto Times

“There is no other teacher like Ms.Vogt who cares about the students and helps them succeed as well as making it a fun experience. I don’t no what Tahanto would be like without her ! From paws club to helping students at lunch she does so much and I highly appreciate that.”

-Sarah G.

“Creative Writing, P,A,W,S, Tahanto Times, and teaching. How does she do it all? Mrs. Vote’s devotion to her students has made our small school feel so much bigger. She has presented us with amazing opportunities and she always listens to what we have to say. Mrs. Vogt truly is Tahanto’s very own Wonder Woman.”

-Gretchen M.

Mrs.Vogt has been so kind to all the students in tahanto when she subs and in paws club and when she had a class to tech she is so easy to talk to I don’t know how tahanto would be without her.

-Brenda Darnobid

“Mrs. Vogt is very important, special, and nice. She is always there for us when nobody else is. She makes everyone’s dreams come true. Mrs. Vogt is such a blessing, Tahanto wouldn’t be Tahanto without her!!❤️”

  • Kyndal Downing

Ur class was very lit in ela lab in 7th grade :))) - Ryan Breault (Bro)

“Mrs. Vogt, it's always a relief to hear you will be subbing for me when I am out. I hear the way my students talk about you and the way you make them feel and it's always a relief to know they have adults they can trust as implicitly as you. It’s always great to see your face and have your calming presence in my room.” ~Mr. Hager

Mrs. Vogt is the best teacher ever ❣️


“Mrs. Vogt, you are honestly one of the best reasons to come to school. I’m always so happy when I’m around you. You are the sweetest person and are always helping out. Not to mention you help Beatriz and I run P.A.W.S and with that I finally feel like I’m apart of something. I hope you know how much I, and everyone else truly loves you. We owe a lot to you. ❤️” ~ Skyelar Babineau

“Mrs. Vogt has always been, and always will be, one of the best substitute teachers. It was always great to see her subbing, and she really knows how to make an otherwise boring lesson fun. 😀” -Patrick F.

“Mrs. Vogt’s unrivaled creativity and support truly makes our clubs or classes the best they can be! She has the most wonderful enthusiasm that really makes my day, and my stories! Thank you Mrs. Vogt!” -Katelyn Beirne

“You connect with students so easily and with an open mind and a kind heart.” -Nicole LeBlanc

“You are probably my favorite teacher at tahanto. 6th grade math lab was a blast with you and was one of the few classes I actually looked forward to. I get super excited when I see that you are subbing for a class. You are so kind, sweet, fun, and make everyone's day 1000X better!” -Lexi Ingels

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