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Senior Year

Senior Year. Every student works their way up to the last year of high school. I can still remember the days I thought freshman year was far away. I dreamt of growing up and going straight into the adult world. Now that I am a senior, I can safely say that I missed one large aspect of a senior’s as well as high schooler’s life. Every day, it seems, the student body is thrown into a new stressful situation. From freshman year to senior year, one’s task of what they are actually going to do after high school is put onto their shoulders. As with most of my class, I am looking to go to college. With this search for a place that most likely will determine the path of your whole life, a huge amount of anxiety and work in a short period of time is thrown on the average teenager. Growing up in the 2000s, we were warned. What every single person tells a wide eyed middle schooler all the way through high school is to prepare for college. If only I could tell my past self how daunting it really is. With this, I have finished my application process in which I procrastinated. I warn all up and coming juniors let alone high schoolers to start working on your application now. Teachers do not cut you slack if you were up all night working last minute on an application. You have to balance your already packed schedule with the application process. In total, time budgeting will probably be the best experience I learned from high school, and if you take my advice early, you will save yourself from the senior demise of college applications and the realization of going into the world outside of high school.

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