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Will Tahanto Take Away our Phones?

Students around the school are shaken up by the shocking news. Phones might be banned! The new app, Fortnite, has been making the wifi glitch. It has come to the point where teachers can’t get into their computers without a struggle. The Tahanto team has been looking into the issue and decided that it would be best if they blocked the main source of the problem. So far, Fortnite, Snapchat, and Instagram have all been blocked. This has started the idea that our phones could be the reason for all glitches in computers and other screens. The school has made an announcement about this issue. They warned us that phones could be taken.

The Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers have objected to this. High Schoolers are complaining for multiple reasons. Some High schoolers have to text their parents for sports. Some are saying they need their phones for school purposes, like calculators or email. This is the most important one. Middle School has the same complaint. When they are allowed to have their phones, they will use them for calculators. Some middle schoolers complain that in the 20 minutes of free time during the 7:13 and 7:35, they are allowed to play Fortnite or send Snapchats. These are the kids that are on there phones the most.

Phones can be used for school and personal things. The school has their hands tied and is trying their best to find a compromise. I say we give them some time to think about the issue and come up with an idea that makes all of us happy. Stay strong!

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