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Captivated by the Cape

A Review of the 2017 Cape Trip

Beginning early Saturday morning on the 14th of October to the afternoon of the 16th, Tahanto students embarked on a journey to Cape Cod. There they explored connections to Henry Beston's’ ‘The Outermost House’, and enjoyed the natural beauty of the Cape itself. Students from AP Literature, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, Independent Art, and Nature of Being had the opportunity to go on the trip.

The trip consisted of both indoor and outdoor activities. Indoor activities included shared meals, exploring museums and lectures. The first talk came from the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy which discussed the efforts to protect sharks on the Cape. “Save the sharks” exclaimed Junior Sophie F. The second lecture took place at the Eastham Historical Society, where students heard about the life of Henry Beston, and how ‘The Outermost House’ came to be.

The trip was also filled with numerous marsh/beach walks, and bonfires. During the second day, along with a hike, students sound mapped with the guidance of Mrs. Sequeira, and walked along the beach. Bonfires were also a highlight of the trip, as well as an activity of reflection based off ‘The Outermost House’. Students sat far from each other in the dark and reflected on how they felt and what they heard. “I learned that when we reflect alone, that we reflect similar to the way other people do” said Junior Gabby M.

The Cape trip is recommended to all students who have the ability to go. “I believe that the Cape Cod trip is something that everyone should experience” said Senior Lookaew D. The trip is an excellent way to bond with fellow classmates. Not only this, but one will be able to apply what is learned in class to the outside world. The Cape is the perfect place to do this! Students in both AP Literature and Nature of Being, will be able to immerse themselves in the world that inspired Henry Beston. Students in Independent Art will have the opportunity to be inspired by the beauty of the Cape. Lastly, students in AP Chemistry and AP Biology, will be able to see science in nature. You will be surrounded by the ocean, the stunning beauty of the Cape itself, and by friends and teachers who will make this trip an amazing experience for all.

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