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Quebec Trip 2018

The weekend of March 16th, Madame Barry had her last Québec trip. She has been a dedicated, amazing person at Tahanto for the past 36 years. She was able to teach French in the most amazing ways and make it not seem so bad. Luckily, I was given the chance to not only have her as a teacher for 2 wonderful years, but also to travel to Québec with her. I can confidently say we all had an amazing experience. Everyone who got the opportunity to go got to immerse themselves in more French culture than what we get in French class every day. I know that everyone will miss her a ton and it will never quite be the same taking French. I feel bad that the incoming high schoolers will never get to experience an amazing French class like I have. Although, I do have confidence the school will pick a great replacement (even though nobody can truly and 100% replace Madame). We all really love her and it was amazing to get to go on her last trip with Tahanto.

You will always be a teacher here, Madame!

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