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Creative Writing Club: Scary Story Challenge

What is the scariest story you can write using only four words or less?

That was the challenge Quill members were issued at a meeting last month. Without hesitation, everyone present set to work with the following, harrowing story lines:

The eyes are watching. Anonymous

Darby’s ran out. Nicole L.

Then there was darkness. Leah W.

We were not alone. Eve L.

Why should I live? Eve L.

Her smile was gone. Eve L.

Their eyes were dead. Eve L.

Alone, it found me. Eve L.

Help me, please. Sophia G.

I forgot my homework. Sophia G.

I love you. Sophia G.

Her eyes were missing. Anonymous

She doesn’t like you. Anonymous

We all fall down. Anonymous

Suddenly it moved! Fenna M.

A distant scream. Fenna M.

My breath is stuck. Katelyn B.

Drowning in tingling poison. Katelyn B.

Shivers down my spine. Katelyn B.

A spider’s breath tingles. Katelyn B.

Legs erupt, scraping, clawing. Katelyn B.

Moist bodies, spider plague. Katelyn B.

So, what would you write?

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