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6th Grade Quest

Something new in 6th grade this year is Quest.

Quest is more than just a subject in school, it is an opportunity to study and learn new things. The first week of quest was a week of studying. We went to our homerooms and took out any homework or unfinished work. When we were all settled in , the teachers gave us mini elective choices. We would randomly get assigned to an elective choices. Many of us enjoyed Mr. Starsiak’s Hero's journey, Ms. Cocks amazing math skills, Mrs.Galuska scientific mind, Mrs. Barry’s knowledge of places around the world, and even Mrs. Vogt’s creative activities. The entire 6th grade has enjoyed their electives. We have study time during Quest as well. This is when we catch up on any work that we have missed. On every day 2,we go to our homeroom and we have DEER. In DEER, we learn the rules to follow during school. We learned how we should never bully people and how to stick up for ourselves and our friends. We learn lessons that we should follow to keep our school safe. Quest is a mix of fun and learning. We all give it ten stars!

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